Real Pilots Ride Motorcycles

What? It’s true. see for yourself: I’ve had a lot of requests from my viewers to open up about myself and be more relatable.  Not really though because I have like two readers (Thank you Amateur Airplanes, Tori, and others).  I don’t know if you all ride motorcycles but I do! and it’s one of my favorite things […]

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The Art of Dogfighting: volume 1

  Recently on Warthunder I have been flying a Japanese aircraft called the J2M Raiden, code name “Jack”.  This aircraft was designed as a land based high-altitude interceptor to defend mainland Japan from allied bomber attacks.  It featured a massive Mitsubishi Kasei 14 cylinder engine that produced nearly 2,000 hp and had to be buried […]

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The Dog Fighting Simulator

Sorry for the inactivity the last week or so.  Have I mentioned that I am a Chemical engineering student? It has taken a lot of my time lately.  But the good news is my first midterm exams are finished and I am back in action!  Unfortunately I am just in time to do no flying […]

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First Flights (then and now)

Before my grandfather was born, a barnstormer puttered to a halt on the family farm in small town New Jersey. The plane was a military surplus Jenny, bought for around $50 then and now a prized museum piece.  The pilot was selling rides for $5 a person but my great grandmother decided that was too […]

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The Kentucky Tragedy

I am a pilot who lives in Kentucky so I feel the urge to write a little about the tragedy that occurred last Friday night east of Paducah, Kentucky and attempt to get something out of this that we can use as pilots.  I remember the weather on Friday very clearly because I joked about […]

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