Close Calls from Stupidity

I generally don’t like to admit my own idiocy but this story is a classic one that relates to the fundamentals of being a private pilot.  That being said here’s a question for all you pilots out there.  What is the first thing you are supposed to do after starting the engine.  I don’t know […]

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Where have all the airports gone? (oh no! not another rant!)

I went down to Richmond, Kentucky to have lunch with Tori the other day, but I didn’t fly, I drove!  I know! It’s terrible! I mean I love driving as much as the next guy but this is just getting ridiculous. Seriously how much is it to ask for an airport that isn’t 20 minutes […]

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The Kentucky Tragedy

I am a pilot who lives in Kentucky so I feel the urge to write a little about the tragedy that occurred last Friday night east of Paducah, Kentucky and attempt to get something out of this that we can use as pilots.  I remember the weather on Friday very clearly because I joked about […]

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