My Kind of Airplane

I have a confession to make;  I love antique aircraft… shocking I know but there it is.  It’s true I chose to learn how to fly in a Cherokee rather than a Diamond even though they were the same cost per hour to rent.  All these new polymer and carbon wonders are great and fast but if I owned a cirrus I would grow bored of it after 40 hours and that’s the truth.  I don’t know what it is with me but I feel a feverish excitement every time I get behind the controls of a squirrelly airplane.  When I was building hours in the Stinson, I did landings over and over again, practicing very tight patterns, slips, and gusty crosswind landings.  I did this and still do because that’s one of the main areas in aviation that takes quite a bit of skill, and I appreciate skill.

For me, the more dangerous and strange an airplane the better, which is probably what fuels my passion for the odd variety of WWI aircraft and my awe of the brave people who flew them, many of whom were younger than I am.  Maybe I’ll write a blog about that one day.  Alright, time to get to the point.  I went up to Barnhart memorial field in New Carlisle, Ohio last weekend during the national Waco club fly-in (there is no post about that because it was kind of a wash-out).  Everyone at that airport is crazy and I love it! check out the videos of this old 1912 Desmoiselle aircraft a guy built there.  He is also currently building a replica of a Curtiss Pusher.  So awesome.



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