Destination: Oshkosh

The summer break between my fifth and sixth year of college is under way (no it isn’t because I have failed a bunch of classes or been lazy, it’s because I changed my major late in the game).  Yep, I guess you could say I’m a regular Van Wilder except I hope to be graduated a year from now.  I have been working hard so far and about to work a second job but all I can think about is my one vacation this summer; Oshkosh, the king of all airshows/fly-ins.  An entire week full of an aviation enthusiasts dream, and the first time ever the producers have decided not to bring in musical guests that appeal only to the baby boom generation.

Oshkosh does have complications however.  It brings about difficult questions like do I camp, or do I stay in a hotel? Do I fly the Stinson up, or am I feeling optimistic enough to say I will fly the Waco? I know this guy looks like he is ready to fly that beast to the great state of Wisconsin,

That’s my determined face.

I know you are thinking, that kid looks scared and angry.  You are right, but I won’t be come Oshkosh.  I only have 5 hours in the Waco and 207 hours total so it takes me a while to get used to new airplanes.  I have been to Oshkosh in this before however, pictured below.

Totally photo-bombed this AirPigz photographer. You can just see the silver top wing and the bare metal speed ring.

I love the Waco but I have to say, it is not a cross-country aircraft.  It’s kind of like the motorcycle of aircraft; the wind just beats you up after a while and many breaks are necessary.  Another issue with flying it to Airventure is that I feel very out of place when people look at the airplane and then look at me like, “How the hell does this kid end up getting to fly a plane like this?! He must be a douche”.  It is much more believable that I am the pilot of a Stinson 10A rather than an old 1932 Waco ASO.

Whether I fly or ride, I am going to Oshkosh 2015, and I cannot wait!  If you are reading this, and you are also going to Oshkosh this year, there will be a meet and greet in the vintage parking area where I will prove I am not a douche.  These are the three planes to look for;


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