Leg One Complete

Everything I said in the previous post about those bad pictures and the terrible lighting, I take it all back. Today I found out that I am not the greatest photographer ever, but I did what I could.  If you are new to the blog, I am currently on a trip to the Bahamas in a Mooney M20C and today was the first leg to Florida.  We left around ten in the morning and began the first two hour stretch.  Along the way we saw many things like windmills in the land of strip-mines!

See the little specks/windmills on the mountains? me neither, but they are there I promise. Cool mountains though right?

When we crossed the mountain range we were over Knoxville, TN but we pressed on and stopped at the worlds largest Zaxby’s!

Actually this is just a Hangar in Winder, GA. I wonder who owns it.

Unfortunately, this Zaxby’s didn’t sell food and the airport didn’t have a courtesy car and didn’t know of anyone nearby who had a courtesy car, and generally didn’t really know anything that would be of interest to a traveling pilot.  They did have cheap fuel though.  $3.39 a gallon for 100LL! wow!  Anyway, the fact of the matter is that we had to make another stop for food, so that place ended up being an airport with a bar running through it.

Baldwin Co. Airport in Milledgeville, GA. Awesome approach over the lake.

After the about an hour stop there and witnessing the Cats beat the razorbacks yet again (34-0 and not done! GO CATS), we departed again for another two hour hop to the most confusing airspace in America (don’t take that as fact).

It would seriously suck to learn to fly in Florida. This is Herlong airport in the Jacksonville area.

From there we flew another hour and a half to our final destination, St. Lucie County International airport, where I caught a glimpse of the tail of a Beech and Palm Trees.

If you can see past the horrible glare it’s actually a funny pun kind-of… I would’ve taken a picture from the other side but that direction there were no trees.  Hint: I spelled Beech wrong… or did I?

This concludes day one.  Tomorrow Island hopping! sort of… we aren’t actually going to hop islands though; Instead we are just going directly to North Eleuthera Island.


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