Break Time!

Well folks, it’s finally here, spring break time.  This isn’t going to be some lame college trip to Panama Beach or Destin, even though I am killing to play some golf ever since the weather warmed up.  No, this is going to be an epic journey to the Bahamas!  I gotta say, I am quite excited about it, because it won’t be your typical trip to the Bahamas; I am going to be flying down in a 1964 Mooney M-20C from Kentucky to Spanish Wells over the course of two days.  Check out the planned route:

Gonna be a lot of flying in a straight line…

I’ll break it down for ya.  In the morning, my parents and I will drive out to the airport where my father and I will prep the airplane for departure and hopefully get out relatively early.  From Kentucky, it is a 680 nm flight to St. Lucie co. airport in Fort Pierce, Fl., so we will be stopping at least twice on the way down; Once for lunch and once for fuel.  After day one (tomorrow) we will be in Florida.

Not a great picture… St. Lucie co. Airport from wikipedia.

Day two is going to be Island hopping day where we turn east and exit U.S. airspace over 60 nm of open water.  I have only done this once before when I flew by the Chicago Skyline over lake Michigan on the way back from Oshkosh 2014, but I was always within sight of land.  My father and I, though, we are good pilots and will take every precaution necessary while making this short hop.  Not to mention it is a requirement to have life-vests and a raft on-board the aircraft over open ocean.  This small trip will land us at North Eleuthera airport in the Spanish Wells district of the Bahamas.

Geez what is it with these awful pictures? Is the lighting just bad? I hope to take better ones and put some filters on them or something. (MYEH from their website)

This will conclude the trip down there.  I’m excited to keep all four of my readers updated and jealous.

spanish wells
Just don’t think of where all the sewage is going…

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