Real Pilots Ride Motorcycles

What? It’s true. see for yourself:

Don’t eat that airplane Tom Cruise.

I’ve had a lot of requests from my viewers to open up about myself and be more relatable.  Not really though because I have like two readers (Thank you Amateur Airplanes, Tori, and others).  I don’t know if you all ride motorcycles but I do! and it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m not flying, especially since something paid a visit today that hasn’t been present for some time.

Welcome back sun!

So I decided to take my motorcycle out for a couple days.  My girlfriend said, “what if it rains!?”, and I replied promptly, “Then I will ride wet!”  in the fashion of that terrible movie about Spartans fighting the Persians (video below courtesy of David Rankin 1:06).

So here I go, got my motorcycle pulled out of the hangar ready to ride.  It was 71 degrees, and I quite honestly could not keep myself from cheesing as I opened the throttle wide for the first time in three months.  Ahh so that’s what 0-60 in 4 seconds feels like.  I had almost forgotten.  Yes it’s a 14 year old bike but I wanted an Italian superbike and this is all I could afford…

2000 Aprilia RSV mille. Man that hangar looks junky from this angle.  It’s full of treasures I promise.

So there ya go.  I am an avid motorcyclist.  I’ve ridden that bad boy 10,000 miles over the last 3 years and it still gets my heart pounding every time I give it the beans. Meanwhile, my grandfather inspects an exhaust leak in lil baby stinson that was repaired, but the repair, which consisted of some exhaust sealer, aluminum foil tape, and safety wire burst.  He wants to remove the shroud of the muffler.  My vote was to just wrap up the pipe again.  More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Real Pilots Ride Motorcycles

    1. Thank you very much. I honestly feel like I can relate better with myself after reading it too. I believe it is a critical duty of pilots everywhere to maintain that bad boy/bad girl image outside of the airport with a motorcycle or moped in your case. Maybe not the most important but up there.

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