I Went Streaking Twice (with picture)

If this was reddit you could find this labeled “not safe for work” so be warned.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  I have a weird sense of humor right now because I’ve just spent 5 straight hours watching a distillation column, well, distill I guess.  Ever done that? no? it’s pretty much on the lines of watching grass grow or paint dry.  Anyway first chance I got I just booked it out to the airport and stripped down for a jog. Just kidding… I really need to stop doing that; I know everyone is just so excited to hear my streaking story so I guess I will just disappoint you now.  You won’t get to see me naked… I know, even I am a little disappointed about it. Why? because this isn’t really my streaking story, it’s the story of Baby Stinson’s streaking sesh.

Just sitting out here on week five of the worlds longest annual inspection and earlier took the plane out to warm it up.  This needs to be done in order to get accurate readings on the compression check.  Okay here is the picture you were promised.

stinson no clothes
Seriously lil baby stinson put some clothes on

So I took this guy out to warm up the engine for the compression check.  Got it warmed up but as soon as we got the bottom spark plugs out, the engine had cooled down too much to get accurate readings (Thank you Lycoming engines for being too efficient at heat transfer), So I had to go flash everyone at the airport again to heat it up.  I ran it hard for a good 10 minutes this time, and got an oil temperature of a little over 150 ºC, which is about what I have when I am landing, so not bad.  And we finally were able to get good readings.  Anyway just thought I would share that with ya. That was pretty much it for week five of the annual inspection.  I’m not sure if you have been watching the news lately but it hasn’t exactly been paradise here in the mid-west these past few weeks.  We’ll get it done, slowly but surely.


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