Mooney 63U Has Officially Left the Country

Six different frequencies, and an hour and half over open water has landed us in the Bahamas on North Eleuthera Island.  Being completely honest, we actually arrived a couple days ago, but everyone here is on island time including me so I’m just now finishing this blog.  I mean it’s so hard to work when […]

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Leg One Complete

Everything I said in the previous post about those bad pictures and the terrible lighting, I take it all back. Today I found out that I am not the greatest photographer ever, but I did what I could.  If you are new to the blog, I am currently on a trip to the Bahamas in […]

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Break Time!

Well folks, it’s finally here, spring break time.  This isn’t going to be some lame college trip to Panama Beach or Destin, even though I am killing to play some golf ever since the weather warmed up.  No, this is going to be an epic journey to the Bahamas!  I gotta say, I am quite […]

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Real Pilots Ride Motorcycles

What? It’s true. see for yourself: I’ve had a lot of requests from my viewers to open up about myself and be more relatable.  Not really though because I have like two readers (Thank you Amateur Airplanes, Tori, and others).  I don’t know if you all ride motorcycles but I do! and it’s one of my favorite things […]

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I Went Streaking Twice (with picture)

If this was reddit you could find this labeled “not safe for work” so be warned.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  I have a weird sense of humor right now because I’ve just spent 5 straight hours watching a distillation column, well, distill I guess.  Ever done that? no? it’s pretty much on the lines of […]

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