The Dog Fighting Simulator

Sorry for the inactivity the last week or so.  Have I mentioned that I am a Chemical engineering student? It has taken a lot of my time lately.  But the good news is my first midterm exams are finished and I am back in action!  Unfortunately I am just in time to do no flying at all because the Stinson is down for annual so I spent last weekend taking it apart rather than flying it.  I like annuals though; it allows me to wipe the plane down and thoroughly clean all of the vital parts that I wouldn’t normally clean.

But This blog is not to talk about the Stinson, no, I am changing to subject to a new form of flying, and no this is not your every day flight simulator that I am referring to, this is something different, something that the world had forgotten about until the release of Top Gun, this is dogfighting from the glory days.  Well no, not world war one… the second glory days of dogfighting! WWII. It is called WarThunder.

Snap shot of a P-40 taking down a Japanese flying boat.

Okay, aside from the cheesy name, It is a really fun game.  I say game because at full realism, it’s a partial simulator at best, and let’s face it, no one plays on full realism.  I do fly with “full aircraft controls” enabled and have a joystick and rudder pedals but even that doesn’t mean full control because the game still has auto engine control.  You can turn this off but it just adds a whole new level of complexity and makes it impossible without a full simulator panel.  Anyway… enough about the mechanics; this is a game that is all about two things.  WWII and dogfighting! and dogfighting in the korean war… and dogfighting with airplanes that never existed.  More on that later.

Korean era jets too!

When I fly in War Thunder I honestly feel like I could be an amazing fighter pilot in WWII or Korea…  and then I think of all the times I’ve been shot down in the game and I think maybe not.


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