Lack of Interest

I stopped at a stoplight today in Lexington that is very close to the threshold of runway 22 at Bluegrass Airport.  As I was waiting for a light to change an CRJ flew to touchdown about 40 feet in front of me and about twenty other cars. As this happened I turned to look at the expression of the driver to my left.  Nothing. Stone faced, didn’t even seem to notice that there was a huge jet landing overhead.

Aviation as seen by the media.

This sort of thing kind of irritates me. Aircraft don’t make the news until there is a plane crash. What have we seen in the news in the past 6 months. Lost Malaysia flight, shot down Malaysia flight, search for missing flight, search delayed, search continues.  Aviation emergency’s and disasters are milked by the media almost as much as celebrities on trial for murder. It’s what the people want because it’s something that is unknown, and the unknown is cool.
The whole point of this is, interest in aviation is dwindling from my perspective. It has become something automated rather than an art.  It’s incredibly hard to find an instructor with a tailwheel rating where you used to learn to fly in a tailwheel. This concludes my rant.


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