Dead Reckoning

I am currently at the university of Kentucky studying chemical engineering. It’s a lot of intense critical thinking, and studying for finals is no easy task. Many have gone crazy in the attempt, so I decided to take a break and go on a cross country flight… Without a GPS. Shocking I know. Most pilots nowadays don’t go anywhere without a GPS, either because they love the technology or they just really depend on it. My girlfriend is a pilot working on her instrument rating so when I dropped her off at the airport for a lesson, I hopped in the Stinson and took it for a trip with nothing but a sectional.

Sectional in lap. I’m ready to start my journey

I took off from Richmond/Madison co. Airport (I39) and began heading south southeast keeping I75 on my left. My end goal was to fly to the lake Cumberland airport (SME), a short 30 minute flight from Richmond.

Following a winding road through the mountains of eastern Kentucky
The outskirts of somerset Kentucky. Almost there

I finally arrived at lake Cumberland. The linemen were very nice and came out to park me even though there was only one other plane on the ramp.

Lil baby Stinson made a friend.

Parked next to a modern and sleek glasair, my little Stinson looked like a flying brick, but it was still a pretty sight.

A view of the front of the terminal at lake Cumberland. Very large waiting area inside where it was one time, and maybe still is a place that has many charter operations.

After a brief 10 minute stay to look around, I was back in the airplane heading to Richmond. Finally flying away from the setting sun.

Same road flying away from the sun
The sun on my instrument panel. I just thought it looked cool.
Back in richmond, home of the EKU flight school.

Overall it was an awesome experience to just fly without worrying about following a straight pink line on a GPS. I have 50 hours to go before I can get my commercial license and flying with a GPS is just not fun after a while.


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