A Fly-in Thanksgiving (continued)

The day after Thanksgiving at my sisters house, my brother and I headed back out to KOSU (The Ohio state university airport) for the 140nm flight home. With no wind this would be about an hour and thirty minutes in the air. However, it was no ordinary, calm morning. The wind was brisk and cold out of the south west, the direction we were flying, and even though it was a mere 12 kts on the surface, at 2,500 feet it was a whopping 37 kt headwind, which put our projected time of arrival for a nonstop flight at 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Making very slow headway back home. 62 mph ground speed.

The first problem we faced was a direct cross wind on the active runway in Columbus. I decided not to risk an accident and requested a more favorable runway even though it was fairly inconvenient. This turned out to be a very good choice because the takeoff was still pretty difficult even though the wind was more or less right down the pipe. The trip turned out to be extremely bumpy the whole way back so after about an hour and a half of 62 mph we decided to divert to Hillsborough, Ohio for a break. I didn’t know this at the time but apparently Hillsborough, Ohio is known for the snake shaped Indian burial mound.

The Stinson on the ground in highland county

After about 30 minutes we were on or way again, bumping our way to Lexington, and after an hour we made it back to KLEX.

Stinson back home safely out of the wind.

Best thanksgiving ever!


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