A Fly-in Thanksgiving

I woke up at 7:30 to a bitter cold overcast morning. It wasn’t what I was hoping for. To be honest I had a bad feeling in my gut when embarking on this trip. I did not want to spend an hour and a half in the freezing air with the chance of precipitation along […]

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Energy Management

Energy management is one of the fundamental skills that, for me, took a lot of time to figure out. I’d like to spend a part of this blog talking about one of my greatest idols in aviation, world-class aerobatics pilot, test pilot, and true master of energy management, Bob Hoover. I remember watching Bob do […]

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Stick and Rudder

I’ve heard many different interpretations of the phrase “good stick and rudder skills”, the latest of which was in reply to the following scenario: A student pilot is doing his check ride and told to do a short field landing. The student sets himself up on a glide path but when he/she becomes low they […]

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